DinoCapture 2.0

Version: 1.5.43
Release Date: 27 JUL. 2021

● Added imprinting of annotation and title bar on images exported to Excel.
● Added information of camera label and annotation in the excel files of exported images.

● Fixed incorrect shutter time of USB 3.0 models.
● Fixed delete key issue when editing annotation.

File Name: dnc2_1.5.43_U.exe
Version: 1.5.43
File Size: 50.72 MB
File Type: application/x-executable
Created Date: 30-04-2021
Last Updated Date: 03-08-2021
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DinoCapture 2.0 version 1.5.40.B Release Notes (30 APRIL. 2021)


  • Fixed coaxial lighting issue under time-lapse recording.


  • Improved stability of auto-calibration.
  • Enabled calibration functionality in 2x digital zoom of live preview.